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"We are very upset with Bloch for revealing so many trade secrets of the profession of psychotherapy. How are we supposed to make a living?"
Dr. Richard Head, author of Self Help Doesn't

"This book reveals the true kernel of spiritual training, the pearl in the oyster, as it were, of meditative practice."
Baba Gin Rumi, author of Spiritual Intimidation

"Spirituality teaches us to forgive others and therapy teaches us to forgive ourselves. The techniques described in this book go further than both, teaching us to blame others while shedding all pretense of personal responsibility."
Shakti Schmakti, author of Knee Deep in Newage

"I would like to think that I have been using Wishful Thinking all along, whatever alternative medicine technique I was nominally practicing."
Deepocket Poacher, author of Healing the Well-Heeled

"Whether by accident or astute observation, Bloch has hit upon the key element in theoretical physics with his Wishful Thinking hypothesis."
Y. I. Oughtta, author of A Wisenheimer's Guide to Science

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