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(NOTE: Items 1 - 3 are out-of-print and no longer available.)

November 3, 1984, St.John's Church, Berkeley, CA
69 pp.,
Foreword - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Vibrational Modalities - Rowena Pattee
Panel Discussion: What is Healing? - Angela Arrien, Lee Sanella, John Perry, Thomas Pinkson, Rowena Pattee, Gregory Schelkun, Arthur Hastings, Roger Morrison, David Cheek, and Stanley Krippner
Healing and Transformation: The Buddhist Approach - Sogyal Rinpoche
Panel Discussion: Different Traditions of Healing - Stephen Chang, Sacheen Little Feather, Reuven Goldfarb, Abhay Pati, Gregory Schelkun, Angeles Arrien, and Robert Frager
Reflections - Lawrence M. Spiro
Havdalah Ceremony - Reuven Goldfarb
Dance: A Source of Healing - Anna Halprin

May 11-13, 1984, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
viii, 248 pp.
ISBN 0-945875-05-3
Introduction - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Parapsychological Methodology and Shamanistic Studies - Stanley Krippner
Methods and Techniques to Study Shamanism: An Anthropological Approach - Maria Ester Grebe Vicuna Methodological Uncertainties in the Study of Finno-Ugric and North American Indian Shamanism - Carla Corradi Musi
A Cross-Cultural Study of Magico-Religious Practitioners - Michael Winkelman
Contemporary Religious Experiences - Jean-Pierre Valla
Explorations into the Nature of the Visionary Experiences - Jean Millay
The Dynamics of Altered States of Consciousness - William C. Leikam
Transformation Processes in Shamanism - Ralph Metzner
Sickness and Delirium in the Shamanic Complex - Giorgio Villa
Tryptamine Hallucinogens in the Shamanic Complex - Terence McKenna
Function of the Magic Melodies or "Icaros" of Some Mestizo Shamans of Iquitos in the Peruvian Ama-zonas - Luis Eduardo Luna
Purification, Death and Rebirth: The Clinical Use of Entheogens Within a Shamanic Context - Thomas Patterson
Use of Shamanic Practices in Life and Death Transitions - Jean Sayre-Adams
The Significance of the Experience of Transcendence in the Practice of Shamanism: Continuities of Time in Oglala Sioux Shamanism - William S. Lyon
Processes of Change and Regression in Shamanistic Practice: The "Dhom" of the Thakali People in North-West Nepal - Reinhard Greve
Elements of Shamanism in American Samoa Today - James A. Swan
Trance Healing in Indonesia: The Practice Observed - Collin P. van Uchelen
Folk Illnesses in an Urban Psychiatric Practice - Paul Freeman
Crossroad of the Spirit: Paleolithic Shamanism in the Space Age - Bruce Hawkins
Psychic Healing as an Important Factor in Shamanistic Practices - Daniel Benor
Psychic Diagnosis: A Personal Experience - Jaime T. Licauco
A Psychic Healer as Shaman - Joseph K. Long
Contemporary Forms of Shamanism - Mihaly Hoppal
The Issue of Urban Shamanism - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Film and Television Fiction, the Quest for a Magical Culture - Keith Harary
The Implications of Shamanism for a Modern Age Ethic - Sally Abbott
Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World (film) - Pat Ferrero
"Radiance: The Experience of Light," & "Celebration: I am all of These" (films) - Dorothy Fadiman
List of Presenters and Transcripts of all Discussions are included.
Letters of Weston La Barre and Mircea Eliade.

August. 31 - September 2, 1985, Santa Sabina Center, CA
xii, 253 pp.
ISBN 0-945875-06-1
Introduction - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Re-Visioning Shamanism - M. Arthur Gump
Emergence of the Urban Shaman: An Experiential Perspective - William C. Leikam
The Artist as Shaman - Carolyn Marks
Shamanistic Parapsychology: Similarities Between Shamanism and Small Group Psychokinesis - Cynthia Siegel
Shamanism in the Laboratory - Julian Isaacs
Traditional African Medicine: Voodoo Healing - Daniel A. Slomoff
Firewalking: Renewing a Tradition to Raise Consciousness - Larissa Vilenskaya
Maps of Mental States for the Study of Shamanism - Alan Polson
Panel Discussion on Techniques & Methods to Gain Access and Use Alternate States of Consciousness - Tom Condon, Leslie Grey, Sukey Waller, and Timothy White
The Soldier and the Khru Khmer - Paul Freeman and Chhien Tan
Proposal for a Methodological Analysis of the Sacred Tree in Indouralic Tradition and North American Indian Shamanism - Carla Corradi Musi
The Dynamics of Change in Contemporary Sioux Shamanism - William S. Lyon
The Interface Between Cultural and Personal Mythology in Three Balinese Dreams - Stanley Krippner and Bruce Carpenter
Shamanic Ecstasy and Conceptions of Time - Reinhard Greve
Brain/Mind and the Dimensions Beyond Space/Time - Jean Millay
An Orientation to Six Shamanic Robes - Rowena Pattee
The Evolution of a Shamanic Outfit (Transformation and Healing) - Jane English
Magical Illness and Its Treatment Among Mestizo Ayahuasca Practitioners of the Peruvian Amazonas - Luis Eduardo Luna
Shamanism: A Parapsychological Viewpoints - Jerry Solfvin
A Case History of a Shamanic Healing Performed By Rolling Thunder - James A. Swan
The Healing Touch: Ancient Insights and Scientific Discoveries - Ron Bugaj
Channeling of Life Force - Richard Gordon
Case Studies in Clinical Parapsychology - Sharon Solfvin
Panel Discussion on Shamanic Elements in the Process of Healing with Tom Condon, Paul Freeman, Leslie Gray,, and Michael Harner
Appendix I: Shamanic Film Festival - Bruce Hawkins
Appendix II: List of Presenters
[Transcripts of all discussions are included.]

August 30 - September 1, 1986, Santa .Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
349 pp. US $27.50
Introduction - Ruth-Inge Heinze
The Shaman and the Epistemologer: Is There a Juanist Way of Knowledge? - Jürgen W. Kremer
Mental Imagery Cultivation and Individuation: The Historical Context of Techniques of Spiritual Trans-formation - Richard D. Noll
Fluid Consciousness: Liberation of Man from his Obsessions Through the Healing Power of Love - Masud Karim
My Own Initiatory Experience - Debra D. Caroll
The Healing Connection: A Breakthrough Experience - Ron Bugaj
Contemporary Initiation: Mirror of the Archaic Shamanic Pattern - C.S. Dowling
Spontaneous Initiation in an Experimental Setting - Felicitas D. Goodman
An Orientation for Neo-Shamanism - Rowena Pattee
Expanding the Archetypal Horizon: A Re-Vision of the Feathered Serpent Symbol - Bruce Hawkins
Symbols and Visions: The Serpent as the Wounded Healer - Norma Churchill
Washing the Words - Carolyn Marks, Charlotte Green, and Edith Hartshorne
The Integration of Shamanic Practices into the Ongoing Life of an Accredited Academic Institution - Ron Barnard
The Healing Value of Place: The Shamanic Uses of Sacred Places in Health and Healing - James A. Swan
Shamanic Healing Traditions and the Living Earth Concept - Stanley Krippner
Extreme Low Frequencies of the Earth Resonances and their Interactions with Biological Systems - Jean Millay
Observed Relationships between Focus of Attention and Specific Electromagnetic Frequencies - Jean Millay
Possible Influence of the Geophysical Environment on Human Health and Behavior - Marsha Adams
Principles of Geologic Frequencies in the ELF Region of the Electromagnetic Spectrum and Their Possible Relationships - Elizabeth Rauscher
Sonic Resonance and Its Interactions with the Dynamics of Cerebral Spinal Fluid in Relation to Focus of Attention - Cheri Quincy and Joel Alter
Brazilian Ritual - Antonio Costa e Silva
The Way of the Masques: Ancient Tools for Modern Times - Suki Rappaport
The Four Elements Within and Without: A Performance Ritual - Lucy Lewis
Singing Shaman Ritual (experiential) - Felicitas D. Goodman
Death and Funeral Practices in Finno-Ugric and North American Indian Shamanism - Carla Corradi Musi
New Approaches to Cancer - Marcus McCausland
Alternative Modes of Healing and Border Areas of Science in Yugoslavia - Mirjana Gracan
Psi Process: Stations Along the Initiate's Path - Sharon Solfvin
Becoming a Healing Practitioner: The Use of Energy Rituals and Visualization in Learning Huna - Tanice G. Foltz
Shamanic Counseling - Jim Dincalci
Believing is Seeing - Jerry Solfvin
Crying for a Vision, the Purpose Circle, and Emergence - Steven Foster
The Role of Vision Questing Among North American Shamans - William S. Lyon
Mind and Matter: Healing Approaches to Chronic Diseases - Lewis E. Mehl
Magical Flight, Shamanism and Theatre - Etzel Cardena
The Path of the Rainbow Yin-Yang: Shamanistic Approaches to Psychotherapy - Jeffrey Mishlove
Practices in Nigeria and the United States - Adebisi Y. Aromolaran
Illness, Disease and the Western Shamanic Healing Method - William C. Leikam
Western Psychic Healing: A Shamanic Equivalent - Daniel J. Benor
Survival Relevance of Shamanic Dialogue for the Twenty-First Century - Thomas L. Pinkson
Closing Remarks - Ruth-Inge Heinze
List of Presenters and Transcripts of all Discussions are included.

September 5-7, 1987, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
358 pp. US $27.50
ISBN-0-945875-01-0 1988
Introduction - Ruth-Inge Heinze
The Multiplicity of Being: An Investigation of the Relationship of Multiple Personality and Possession - Ruth-Inge Heinze
A Multidimensional Model to Interpret Shamanistic and Other Attention-Shifting Dissociative States - Willard Johnson
Tales of Power - Jürgen W. Kremer
The Finno-Ugric Shaman and the West European Magician - Carla Corradi Musi
Sami Shamanism: Variations of a Religious Concept under the Impact of Cultural Contact - Erich Kasten
The Prophecies of Black Elk - William S. Lyon
The Stone, the Harp, and the North Wind - Lynn Taylor
Psychic Healing in the Philippines - Jaime T. Licauco
Time Travel - Jean Millay
Journey to the Underworld - Norma Churchill and Donald Sandner
Music for the "Journey to the Underworld" - Edie Hartshorne
Shamanic Journey - Felicitas D. Goodman
Urban Shamanism: My Integration of My Spiritual Path and My Professional Career - Carol O'Connell
The Artist and the Community - Carolyn Marks
Sacred Places in Nature and Transpersonal Experiences - James A. Swan
The Life History of a Kahuna Healer - Tanice G. Foltz
Huichol Pilgrimage Revisited - Thomas L. Pinkson
Hallucinogens in Contemporary North American Shamanic Practices - Ralph Metzner
The Shamanic Way in Ancient Egypt - Charles Muses
Energy Medicine in Indigenous Healing Systems - Stanley Krippner
Shamanic Ritual - Cathy Wolf
Healing and Physical Illness: A Multi-Disciplinary Integrative Approach Inspired by Shamanic Traditions - Lewis E. Mehl
Shamanism and Contemporary Art - Mark Levy
Creative Art Therapy and Symbolic Healing - Suzanne Palmer
Focus on the Center: The Mandala as a Tool for Healing - Tamara W. Hill
Mask Making - Suki Rappaport
Dreamscape - Lucy Lewis et al
Afro-Brazilian Candomble as Model for Sacred Dance in Europe - Renato Berger
Close In: Strange Realities (film) - Jaime T. Licauco
Shamanism and the Archetypes - Oliver Oskay
Analytical Psychology and Shamanism: Two Modes of Healing - Donald Sandner
Deep Hypnosis and Shamanism: Convergence and Divergences - Etzel Cardena
Shamanism and Homosexuality: The Second Pillar of Consciousness - An Painter
Music, Sound and Healing: Exploring the Terrain, the Initial Step - William C. Leikam
Closing Remarks - Ruth-Inge Heinze
List of Presenters and Transcripts of all Discussions are included.

September 3-5, 1988, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael
vii, 432 pp. US $27.50
ISBN 0-945875-02-9 1989
Who are the Shamans of the Twentieth Century? - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Shamanism, Mysticism, Panentheism, and the Holographic Paradigm - Beverly A. Rubik
Mapping Different States of Consciousness, Comparing Shamanic, Schizophrenic, Insight Meditation, and Yogic States - Roger Walsh
Reflections of a Ritual: A Shamanistic Intervention in Traditional Family Therapy - Paul M. Brala
Crisis Intervention Techniques for Spontaneous Psi Experiences: Western and Non-Western Approaches - Cynthia Siegel
Hmong Shamans in a County Mental Health Setting: A Bicultural Model for Healing Laotian Mountain People - Sukey Waller
When the Bough Breaks: Cancer and the Shamanic Path as Experienced by a Creative Art Therapist - Suzanne Palmer
Power Spots, Vestments and Ritual - Fern Shafer
The New Sun Dance Song Ritual - Sarah Dubin-Vaughn
Contemporary Vision Questing I and II - Sedonia Cahill and Bird Brother
An Exploration into Peruvian Shamanism - Thomas L. Pinkson
The Healing Journey of the Huichol - Bruce Finson
An Initial Report on a Possibly Paranormal Event - William C. Leikam
The Phenomenology of Possession: An Ambiguous Flight? - Etzel Cardena
Neo-Shamanism, A Source for Creativity for our Times - Rowena Pattee
The "Significance Experience" as a Mnemonic Device in Shamanic Symbolism -Donn Le Vie
The Meaning of Inner Voice Experiences: Theory and Discussion of Thirty Cases - Myrtle Heery
The Artist as Seer - Mark Levy
The Shaman's Song, Its Process and Work - James A. Swan
Psychotherapy and Ultrasound - Charles Muses
Healing Beyond Music - Bruno Deschenes
The Nature of Ego in Experimental Shamanism - Felicitas D. Goodman
A Shamanic Call in Acca/demia: My Studies with Ellen Marit Gaup-Dunfjeld, the Shaman of Samiland - Gloria Ferman Orenstein
The Teachings of David Kaonohiokala Bray within the Kahuna Tradition - Charlotte Berney
Garhwal Shamanism in Himalayan India - Alok Saklani
Invocation and Ritual Healing in Santal Society - Sitakant Mahapatra
Shamanism and Vampirism in the Dissertazioni of Calumet - Carla Corradi Musi
The Rise of the Feminine - Norma Churchill, Donald Sandner, and Edie Hartshorne
The Art of Spirits - Lucy Lewis
A Fire Ritual - Jean Millay
The Use of Dreams by Tribal Shamans - Stanley Krippner
Solitude and Sacred Places in Spiritual Training - Jack Norton
Ceremonial Shamanism and the Mental Health Professional - Royal E. Alsup
The Shaman's Power: A North American Indian Perspective - William S. Lyon
Power Animals and Allies - Debra D. Carroll
Magic, Shamanism, and Medicine - Lewis E. Mehl
Inner Mechanism of Healing - Vincent M. Karim
The Shaman's Body - Jürgen W. Kremer
Intention and Choice in Shamanic Practice - Shelley Thomson
The Emergence of a New Paradigm - Jon Klimo
A Traditional Story - Juergen W. Kremer
The Story of Scarface - Lewis E. Mehl
In the Beginning - Carolyn Marks
List of Presenters and Transcripts of all Discussions are included.

September 2-4, 1989, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
vii, 402 pp. US $ 27.50
ISBN 0-945875-04-5, BL 2370.S55155 1989
Introduction - Ruth-Inge Heinze
The Bridge Between Modern Science and Shamanism - Beverly Rubik
An Integrated Approach to Soul Possession, Applying Shamanistic and Jungian Techniques - Steven H. Wong
The Shamanic Archetype and Its Function in Modern Psychotherapy - C. Jess Groesbeck
Catching the White Bird: Native American Psychology as Path to Individuation - Joseph M. Giovanetti
Faith and Doubt in Shamanic Healing - Lewis E. Mehl
Ritual as Shamanic Art - Sarah Dubin Vaughn
Getting to Know Your Environment Through Shamanism - Lena Sedletzky Stevens
Journey to the Sun Wheel - Paula Engelhorn and Lillian Rhinehart
Separate Men's and Women's Lodges: Preparations for the Four-Day New Song Sun Dance - Elizabeth Cogburn
Symbols of Fire, Firewalking and Individual Belief Systems: Do We Create Our Own Reality? - Larissa Vilenskaya
The Developmental Stages in a Shaman's Maturation - Willard Johnson
Six Levels of Shamanic Perception - Jose Stevens
Vincent van Gogh: "Great Artist and Failure in Initiation?" - Jürgen W. Kremer
Shamanic Dreaming and Modern Art - Mark Levy
Sacred Crafts as a Shamanic Discipline - Debra J. White and Jürgen W. Kremer
The Art of Hand Paper Making as a Way of Centering and Healing - Harriet Hope
The Music of the Cosmos - Mitchell Kaye
The Use of the Human Voice for Healing - Sahn-Diane Ashena
Beyond Music: The Application - Bruno Deschenes
The Gaia Matrix - Rowena Pattee Kryder
Beware the Symbols: The Shaman Rides a Horse - Felicitas D. Goodman
Kinship with the Animals: Hunting and Fishing in a Shamanic Context - James A. Swan
Garhwal Shamans and Their Bhagats - Alok Saklani
Amazonian Shamanism: The Ayahuasca Experience - Thomas Pinkson
Spice Island Shaman: A Traditional Healer in Indonesia - Bruce Carpenter and Stanley Krippner
Creatures of Fantasy in Finno-Ugric Shamanism and West European Animism - Carla Corradi Musi
The Role of the Yao Shaman in Jinxiu, China - Shi Khun
The Time of Power - William S. Lyon
Shamanism and the Legal System - Myrtle Heery
The Mask of Evil: The Dark Side of Shamanism - Royal E. Alsup
A New Event in the Psi Field - William C. Leikam
The Magick of the Plaza - David R. Howie
Peace is a Verb - Carolyn Marks
Fundamental Transitions: Dying and Being Born - Jean Millay, Cheri Quincy, and Tekoa King
Dying to Live, Midwifery in the Dying Process - Nanci Shandera
How We Create Our Own Reality - Jon Klimo
Seeing Our Lives in a Ceremonial Context - Bird Brother and Sedonia Cahill
Singing for Our Mother - Debra D. Carroll
Masquemaking - Suki Jay
Mystery Ritual - Etzel Cardena and An Painter
The Hero's Journey to Antarctica - Eda Maxym
List of Presenters and Transcripts of all Discussions are included.

September 1-3, 1990, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
429 pp. US $27.50
ISBN 0-945875-07-X, BL2370.S55155 1990
The Ritual Process: Translating the Ineffable Into Ritual Language - Ruth-Inge Heinze
The Use of Rituals in Science: The Scientific Powwow - Beverly Rubik
Exploring Relationships Between Science and Shamanistic Ritual - William C. Gough
Psychic Attack in Modern Shamanic Practice - Shelley Thomson
Allowing, Entering, and Transforming Darkness - Patricia Osier
Model for Dealing with the Dark Side in Prime Relationships - Peter and Mary Ann Skaife
Dealing with Your Own Negativity - Gini Graham Scott
Rituals for Dealing with Evil Forces in Bali - Donald Sandner
Native American Concepts of Evil - Lewis E. Mehl
The Structure of Ritual - Bird Brother and Sedonia Cahill
Personal and Social Healing Through Dreamwork - Mena E. Potts
The Power of the Circle as Reflected in the Sun Wheel- Paula Engelhorn and Lillian Rhinehart
At the Pool of Wonder - Marcia S. Lauck and Deborah Koff-Chapin
Finno-Ugric Shamanism and the Western World of Magic - Carla Corradi Musi
The Bigfoot or Sasquatch - James A. Swan
Spiritism in Haiti, Puerto Rico, and Cuba - Stanley Krippner
An Analysis of Shamanic Statements in Garhwal - Alok Saklani
Siberian and Hawaiian Shamanism: Preliminary Comparisons - Larissa Vilenskaya
Manchu Shamans, Manchu Mythology - Shi Kun
My Apprenticeship with the Huicholes - Larain Boyll
Learning Shamanism through Story Telling, Heyohkahs and Experience - Jan Ogren
Conscious Clowning Within Contemporary Ceremonials - Julien Puzey
Diagnosis and Interpretation of the Shamanic Initiation Crisis - Roger Walsh
Shamanistic Initiatory Crises and Psychosis - David Lukoff
A Cremation Ritual on Bali - Sarah Dubin-Vaughn
Mourning the Death of a Loved One: Cross-Cultural Perspectives and Experiences - Myrtle Heery
Dying into Birth: The Work of the West - Thomas Pinkson
What Happens to a Spirit After Death - Jean Millay
Death: The Last Taboo, Out of the Closet at Last - Cheri Quincy
The Life-Art Process, Rituals of Transformation in Contemporary Society - Lucy Lewis
The Dark Goddess: Inanna, Lilith, Hekate, Pele, Kali - Sandia Rising Star and Marcia Starck
The Oldest Shaman is a Shamaness: Spirit Journey with the Galgenberg Figure - Felicitas D. Goodman
Changing Man: Archetype of the Twin Heroes - Howard Teich
The Seven-Sided Shaman - Jose Stevens
Shaman's Drum: Skeleton Key to the Other Worlds - Mickey Hart
How to Use the Gaia Matrix Oracle - Rowena Kryder Pattee
The Medicine Path: The Healing Power of Love - Royal E. Alsup
The Sun Dance as a Healing Ritual - William S. Lyon
Big Sister's Sacrifice - Lewis E. Mehl
Shamanism and Gaia Consciousness - Ralph Metzner
Urban Barn Raising: Building Community Through Environmental Restoration - Karl Linn
Subtle Energy Readings During the Conference - David Howie
Geomancy and Shamanism - Richard feather Anderson
Geomantic Journey: The Process of Becoming - Coquelicot Gillard
Shamanism and the Emerging Spiritualization of Science - Jon Klimo
Muruga Booker and the Nada-Drum - William S. Leikam
List of Presenters and Transcripts of all Discussions are included.

August 31-September 2, 1991, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
vii, 354 pp. US $27.50
ISBN 0-945875-08-8, BL 2370.S55155 1991
Power and Trust: Shamanic Ethics - Ruth-Inge Heinze
The Self and the Sacred - Julien Puzey
Towards a New Science: A Feminine Perspective - Beverly Rubik
Changing Times: The 17th Century and Today - Josephine Coffey
Intimate Dissonance - Edie Hartshorne
Exploring Dualities: The Hawaiian Experience - Charlotte Berney
Chanting with Hawaiian Kahunas - Laura Kealoha E. Yardley
Disarming Environments, Creating Places for Peacemaking - Karl Linn
Exploring Meta-Art - Wolfgang Gersch
The Identification and Re-Integration of Projections: Shamanic Skills for Transformation - Barbara Darling
Dreamtime and Natural Phenomena: The Release of Transformative Energy into Collective Consciousness - Marcia S. Lauck
Enactment of Myth in the Work of Jean Houston: Isis, Osiris, and Seth - Elisabeth Zinck Rothenberger
Psychological Time/Psychological Space in Siberia - Alexander and Olga Kharitidi
Finno-Ugric Shamanism in the 13th Century - Carla Corradi Musi
Shamanic Elements in the Practices of Contemporary Soviet Healers - Larissa Vilenskaya
A Shango Priest in Trinidad - Stanley Krippner
Huichol Sacred Pilgrimage to Wirikuta - Larain Boyll
Cassadaga: An American Spiritualist Community - Paul M. Brala
Shamanism and Weather Modification: Human Possibilities to Influence Nature - James A. Swan
Exploring the Visionary Experience - Jean Millay
The Voice of the Infinite in the Small: Exploring the Insect/Human Body - Jeanne E. Hobbs
My Answer is Balance, What was the Question? - Jan Ogren
Update on the Physiology of the "Death Event" - Cheri Quincy
A Sanskrit Dialogue with Death - Dean Brown
Grief and Dreams: A Transpersonal Process - Janet Bray
Explorations with a Shaman - Gini Graham Scott
Shamanic Soul Flight in the Space Age - Bruce Hawkins
A Masked Trance Dance - Felicitas D. Goodman
Catalyst for Transformation - Howard Teich
The Eternal Serpent: Navaho Snake Woman - Donald Sandner
Modern Snake: Fantasy Visions - Norma Churchill
The Sacred Wheel: An Integrative Life Design Embodied in Sound and Movement - Sahn Ashena Tolbert
Psychotherapy and Demonic Possession - C. Jess Groesbeck
Adventures in the Power World - Shelley Thomson
Good and Evil and Unconditional Love - Kathy Cordeo
Exploring the Subtle Worlds with Dowsing - David Howie
Seeing the Light Lines - Mark Levy
A Grid of Light - Paula Engelhorn and Lillian M. Rhinehart
Panel Discussion on the Development of New Paradigms with William C. Gough, William H. Kautz, Jon Klimo, William C. Leikam, Carolyna Marks, and Beverly Rubik
Camp Fire Stories I, II, and III - Sedonia Cahill and Bird Brother
List of Presenters and Transcripts of all Discussions are included.

September 5-7, 1992, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
ix, 323 pp. US $27.50
ISBN 0-945875-09-6, BL 2370.S55155 1992
Visions of the 20th Century - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Gathering Gifts: A Celebration of Cycles - Julien Puzey
The Snake, the Owl and the Mother Bear: Response of the Animal Nations to Human Crisis - Barton Stone
The Past and Future Process of Mythology - Juergen W. Kremer
Shamanic Ecology, Urban Shamanism, and Shamanic Arts - Debra C. Carroll
Transformative Magic in the Creative Process - Carole Slief Dowling
Emergence of a Contemporary Shaman: A Case Study of Madness in the Dojo - David Lukoff
Dance and Shamanism: Ancient Roots for a Modern Healing Art - Ilene Serlin
Energy Release: Toward a Model of Disease and Healing - Joanne Mied
Kirlian Photography Used in Stress Management - Rosemary Steel
Women's Medicine Ways: Cross-Cultural Rites of Passage - Marcia R. Starck
Dream Re-Entry: A Way to Access, Explore, Transform and Heal the Mind and the Body - Fred C. Olsen
Creativity and Dreams: A Transpersonal Process - Janet Purnima Bray
Dreaming the Future: An Asklepian Experience - Elisabeth Zinck Rothenberger
Guidance Deep Into the Heart: Healing with Music - Edie Hartshorne
Fire & Water in Rites of Passage of Euro-Asiatic Shamans - Carla Corradi Musi
The Sacred Fire, Healing Among Cherokee Indians: A Personal Perspective - Larissa Vilenskaya
Bridging Worlds: Teaching Huichol Shamanism - Larain Boyll
Profiles of Three Contemporary Central American Shamans - Stanley Krippner
Folk Medicine and Shamanism Among the Tharu (Himalayas) - Bina Saklani
The Spiritual Dimensions of Archery - James A. Swan
The Hupa Boat Dance: Passage of Sorrow - Royal E. Alsup
Songs of Continuance: Rhythm, Ritual and Ceremony in Native Northwestern California - Jack Norton
Voices of Purity: Northwestern California Native Healing - Jana Rivers
Hands-On Transformations and Restoration of Humane Habitats - Karl Linn
Dowsing the Land - David Howie
The Spirit World in Modern Iceland - Jose Stevens
Pilgrimage to Ancient Britain and Brittany - Cindy A. Pavlinac
Individuating Woman: A Creative and Transformational Process - Ilse E. Gilliland
Hades and Persephone: A Marriage Made in Hell - Patricia Osier
Ho-oponopono: A Therapeutic Tool from Hawaii - Charlotte Berney
Out There: Remote Viewing of High Strangeness Material - Shelley Thomson
When a Healer Dies - C. Jess Groesbeck
Journeying to Resolve Conflicts - Gini Graham Scott
The Rainbow Horse Dance: An Earth Prayer for Healing - Lillian Rhinehard & Paula Engelhorn
Exploring Meta-Art: Phase II - Wolfgang Gersch
Shamanism and Totalitarianism: Two Psychotechnologies - Vladimir Maikoff
Panel Discussion on the Development of New Paradigms with William C. Gough, Jon Klimo, William C. Leikam, Carolyna Marks, and Shelley Thomson
List of Presenters and Transcripts of all Discussions are included.

September 4-6, 1993, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael CA
ix, 381 pp. US $27.50
ISBN-0-945875-10-X, BL 2370.S55155 1994
Phoenix Rising - Ruth-Inge Heinze
The Transformative Power of Super Vision in the New World Order - Fred C. Olsen
Science and Symbols - William C. Gough and R.L. Shacklett
Practices for the Postmodern Shaman - Jürgen W. Kremer
The Cosmic Walk: The Story of the Universe - Sister Susannah Malarkey and Harriet Hope
The Predictive Possibilities of a Card Code - Jean Burns
The Empowered Mind: Tapping the Creative Process - Gini Graham Scott
Training Healers: Enhancing Techniques with Neutrality, Pro-Active Feeling, and Reception
- Ron and Joanne Mied
Panel Discussion on How to Deal with Negativity with Ruth-Inge Heinze, Jürgen W. Kremer, BartonStone, James A. Swan, and Shelley Thomson
The Sacred Marriage of Sun and Moon - Howard Teich
The Alchemical Journey of Unifying the Sun and the Moon - Elizabeth Cogburn
The Wheel of Healing - Paula Engelhorn and Lillian Rhinehard
Moving Toward the Planetary Person: A Modern Mystery School - Elisabeth Zinck Rothenberger
Meta-Art II - Wolfgang Gersch
The Ritual of Hatun Karpay, An Initiation into Andean Mystic Tradition - Elizabeth B. Jenkins When Science and Spirit Intersect, Parapsychological Research in the Former Soviet Union -Larissa Vilenskaya
Two Shamanic Healers in Oregon - Stanley Krippner
Emerging Myth, Anomalous Phenomena and the Cosmic Shaman - Sarah Dubin-Vaughn
Love and Transformation, the Path of Love, Suffering and Co-Individuated Non-Violence - Royal E. and Patricia S. Alsup
The Hawaiian Concept of Mana - Laura Kealoha Ehulani Yardley
Healing through Greening of Habitats - Karl Linn
Polarity of Light and Chi' in Abstract Visionary Art - Rowena Kryder Pattee
Dowsing the Land II - David Howie
Mystic Challenge Therapy and the Shamanic Ego - Peter Skaife
When Spirit Knocks - Gail Konz
Panel Discussion on Healing Interethnic Relationships with Royal E. Alsup, Ann Goodman, Ruth-Inge Heinze, and Jack Norton
Shamanism and the Sioux: The Sun Dance - C. Jess Groesbeck
The Lines of Nazca, A New Hypothesis - Felicitas D. Goodman
Opening the Heart, Clearing the Vision - ellenHelga Weiland
The Mythic Drama Process - Debra Carroll
Living Body, Embracing Spirit: Art-Making, Authentic Movement and the Shamanic Path - Suzanne Palmer Lovell
Training and Ethics in American Spiritualism - Paul M. Brala
Spirit Who Lives: A White Woman's Medicine Walk - Angela J. Apalyea
Transforming the Wanderer: Laughing the Shadow Within - Jana Rivers
Huichol Completion, Gringo Application - Thomas Pinkson
Sorcerer's Apprentice: Communication with Non-Humans - Shelley Thomson
Past Lives and Present Dramas - Don Kantor and Jean Millay
Shamanism in Traditional Performance Art: Javanese Shadow Puppet Play & the Japanese - Mark Levy
Shamanic Body Ecology - Michael Gelbart
Dance and Shamanism - Gabi Vetterman
Prehistoric Rock Sites in Marin County, California - Cindy A. Pavlinac
Integration - Ruth-Inge Heinze
List of Presenters and Transcripts of all Discussions are included.

September 3-5, 1994, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
viii, 341 pp. US $ 27.50
ISBN 0-945875-12-6, BL 2370.S55155 1994
Phoenix Rising II - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Spaciousness: Common Ground Between Science and Spirituality - Jean E. Burns
The Science of Good and Evil - William C. Gough and Robert L. Shacklett
The Role of Frontier Scientists' Personae in Their Research - Beverly Rubik
Indigenous Science for Euro-Americans - Jürgen W. Kremer
The Myth of the Virgin Mother and the Dying God - Josephine A. Coffey
A Walk Through the Cretan Labyrinth - Coquelicot Rudiak-Gillard
From Maimonides to Heuristics: An Innovative Research Model for Parapsychology - Mena E. Potts
Application of the Heuristic Research Model to a Precognitive Dream Experience - Dominic J. Potts
Emotional Courage - Joanne and Ron Mied
Beyond Forgiveness: A Question of Inventing Peace - Carolyna Marks
The Summer Wheel of Joy - Paula Engelhorn and Lillian Rhinehard
Alchemical Hypnotherapy - Elaine Fellows
Alchemical Homeopathy - Howard Teich
Spiritual Alchemy, Devotion, and the Soul - Robert Cogburn
Adventures in Creating An Alchemical Partnership Between Same Gender Inner Sun and Moon - Elizabeth Cogburn
Transformative Experiences and Parapsychological Phenomena: A Cross-Cultural Perspective - Larissa Vilenskaya
Ritual Smoke as Food for Though: Esoteric Practices in Native Northwest California - Jack Norton and Jana Rivers
Two Ways to Die: Apoptosis and Necrosis - Cheri Quincy
Shamanic Exploration in Healing, Part III: The Journey Home - C. Jess Groesbeck.
The Emerald River of Compassion - Rowena Pattee Kryder
Misuse of Psychic Power - Madrina Denig
Disabilities and Empowerment: Exploring Disabilities and the Need for Psycho-Cultural Development - Maria W. Wimmer and Raymond B. Miller
Touching the Untouchables - Panna Flower
The Use of Ecstatic Trance in the Treatment of Addicted and Abused Clients - Jean-Michel Fitremann
Entering the Silence - ellenHelga Weiland
Love is the Ki: Let the Medicine Do Me - Tomas Pinkson
The Animal Connection - Felicitas D. Goodman
Visiting a "Pao do Santaos" in Recife, Brazil - Stanley Krippner
The Destruction of Spirit Mountain: An Observation of Conflicting Values - William C. Leikam
Harpis: The Seeress, the Map-Maker, the Fire Tender, and the Death Stalker - Siona-Elvira Alwyn
Sacred Places of Japan: Sacred Geography in the Vicinity of the Cities of Sendai and Nara - James A. Swan
Hi-Tech Shamanism: Entering Altered States of Consciousness, Using the Science of Sound - Morningstar
Soul: In and Of the World - Julien Puzey
Circling the Bay, Carrying Inca Gold to North America - Gini DuPraw Anderson
Tuning Into Source Through Trance Dance and Toning - Sandia Dungan Rising Star
The Tyrant's Game: The Warrior's Dance with Tyrants and Conflict - Carol O'Connell
Awakening the Mutant Caterpillar, Using Dream Reentry Healing - Fred C. Olsen
A Vision Quest Story - Barton Stone
Meta Art III - Wolfgang Gersch
Sky Dancers: Journey to Dakini Places of Tibet - Leila Castle
The Persistence of Spirit: Revered Sites in Britain - Cindy A. Pavlinac
Wise Old Stories - Luisah Teish
Coyote and the Fireflies- Barton Stone
List of Presenters and Transcripts of all Discussions are included.

September.2-4, 1995, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
viii, 327 pp. US $27.50
ISBN 0-945875-15-0, BL 2370 S.55155 1995
Phoenix Rising III - Ruth-Inge Heinze
The Transformational Process of the Kundalini Experience: Shamanic Opening and other Psychospiritual Experiences - Bonnie Greenwell
Kundalini Awakening and the Shamanic Call - Linda L. Stevens
Outer and Inner Light - William C. Gough
Shamanic Crossroads at Crossridge - Mena E. and Dominic J. Potts
All the Way Home - Julien Puzey
Memorial to David Howie - Eileen Johnson
Joiking (experiential) - Phillip Scott
In Pursuit of Wonder Tales: Healing, Divination, and Initiation in Slavic Wisdom Teachings and Practices - Larissa Vilenskaya
A Model of Dreaming Derived From the Mapuche Tradition in Chile - Stanley Krippner
The Powers of the Stone People - Gini DuPraw Anderson
Dancers of the Rainbow - Paula Engelhorn and Lillian Rhinehard
Third-Eye Healing - Suzane Myles
Creating a Living Temenos - Roberta Shoemaker-Beal
Shamanic Journey (experiential) - Felicitas D. Goodman
Music: A Healing Ritual for Older Adults - Marion M. Gough
Music: A More Inclusive Perspective - Christopher P. Lantz
How to Bring Shamanic Work into the Community - Janet Purnima Bray
Healing Through Balance and Transcendence: Developing the Weaker Aspects of Our Character - Joanne and Ron Mied
Mythic Regenesis - ellenHelga Weiland
Rethinking Pleomorphism and Its Relationship to Aids and Other Diseases - Beverly Rubik
Sacred Dance, Sacred Music - Sandia Dungan Rising Star
Drumming Up Recovery - Barton Stone
Weaving the Web: Exploring How Shamanism Works - Jan Ogren
The Way of the Pomo - Lanny Pinola (Pomo/Miwok)
Lakota Pipe Ceremony (experiential) - Phillip Scott
Lanny Pinola Speaks Again
Where Are the Old Gods? - Marshall Pease
Meta Art III - Wolfgang Gersch
Passages (film) - Rowena Pattee Kryder
Earth as Sacred Space - Vijali Hamilton
Mapping the Bubble of Being in the Imaginal Domain - Fred C. Olsen
Sacred Ground to Sacred Space - Rowena Pattee Kryder
Bridging the Worlds: Decision-making of Individuals with Cancer or Aids - Antonia G. Milo
Dangerous Ideas: The Physics of Sorcery - Shelley Thomson
The Fellowship of the Red Cauldron: The Role of the Seeress - Siona-Elvira Alwyn, John Dabbell, and Jaqui Reddeer
Australian Aboriginals - David Kahn
The Sacred Mushroom: The Divine Remedy of the Oaxacan Region - Camila Martinez
The Mystery of Complementarity, Nature and Psyche - Howard Teich
Alchemical Hypnotherapy II - Elaine Fellows
Sacred America: Photographic Portraits of Sacred Sites - Cindy A. Pavlinac
Closure - Ruth-Inge Heinze
List of Presenters and Transcripts of all Discussions are included.

PHOENIX RISING IV, August 31-September 2, 1996, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
392 pp. US $27.50
ISBN 0-945875-17-7, BL 2370.S55155 1996
Introduction - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Signs and Symbols, Myths and Archetypes, A Cross-Cultural Survey - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Psycho-Neurobiology and The History of Archetypes - Howard Teich
Keys to an Expanded Scientific Paradigm - William C. Gough and Robert L. Shacklett
Universal Symbolism of the Archetypes of Time - Alexander L. Friedkin
The Locked Door of Paradise: Closed versus Open Religious Systems - Felicitas D. Goodman
The Healing Power of Mudra - Linda L. Stevens
Sound and Movement: Harmonizing and Healing Modalities - Tina Clare
The Cosmology of the Schipibo - Madrina Denig
The Kallawaya Healing Tradition in Bolivia - Stanley Krippner and E. Scott Glenny
Rev. Delawares Lucas - An American Healer - Joanne Mied
Conversations with Remarkable Dreamers - James A. Hall
Further Aspects of Decision-Making in Persons with Cancer or AIDS - Antonia Milo
Dream Reentry Healing: Tracking and Transforming in the Imaginal Domain - Fred C. Olsen
Tapping Our Own Creative Powers - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Poetry as Map - Barton Stone
Teaching Through the Wisdom of the Heart - Anna T. Kato
Sound and Synesthetic Perception: Report on the House of Symphonies, 1995-1996 - Christopher P. and Mary Lantz
Healing From Awareness of Ourselves - David Curry
The Wounded Healer: Shamanic Experiences on my Healing Journey - Sandia Dungan Rising
Death--Being Reborn in Spirit: One Person's Impression of That Journey - Jan Ogren
Creating a Despacho: An Offering in the Tradition of the Q'ero - Gini DuPraw Anderson
Inca Mallcu and Priestess N'usta: The Fifth Level - Terez Toneff
Shamanism: Primal Energy Medicine - Phillip Scott
A Major Life Change Anticipated and Aided by Dreams - Beverly Rubik
A Mid-Life Rite of Passage: A Call to Greater Authenticity - Tomas Pinkson
Caring for Rainbows - Paula Engelhorn and Lillian Rhinehard
Meta Art III - Wolfgang Gersch
Touch Drawing - Deborah Koff-Chapin
Shamanic Journey (experiential) - Felicitas D. Goodman
Whole-Hearted Healing - Grant Fetridge
The Shape of Time - Marshall Pease
Know Your Essence: The Mayan Calendar - Elaine Fellows
It's About Time - Josephine Coffey
Dangerous Ideas: The Physics of Sorcery II - Shelley Thomson
Pathworking of the Keltic Druids - Siona-Elvira Alwyn
Near Death Experience - Ron Mied
Mythic reGenesis II: Icon of a Goddess, Focused Projection of an Archetypal Potency: Mother Reunion - ellenHelga Weiland
Origins of Shamanism - Dean Brown
Shamanism, Power Plants, and Healing Through Ritual - Camila Martinez
The Tupilaq of the Eastern Arctic and Greenland - David Kahn
Shamanistic Approach to the Afro-Brazilian Candomble - Renato Berger
Conclusion - Ruth-Inge Heinze
List of Presenter and Transcripts of all Discussions are included.

August 30-September 1, 1997, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
266 pp. US $27.50
ISBN 0-945875-18-5, BL 2370.S55155 1997
The Process of Being - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Developing a Bridge Between Science and Sufism - William C. Gough
Vibrational Healing - Rowena Pattee Kryder
The Significance of Emotional Intelligence - Elaine Fellows
Why I Would Like to Become a Shaman - Dean Brown
Prayer: The Practice of Power - Barton Stone
Bringing Alternate Modes of Treatment into Mainstream Practice - Stanley Krippner and Scott E.Glenny
Lorin Smith, A Kashia Pomo Healer - James Hall
The Huichol Project - Bruce Finson
The Creation Story of the Seminole - David Kahn
The Great Round: Mandala as Process - Lillian Rhinehart
Exploring Dreamtime - Fred Olsen; World Wheel: Theater of the World - Vijali
Stories around the Fire: How the Dragons Became Extinct; The Story of Yin and Yang; The Hungry Ghost - Jan Ogren
Archetypal Substrata - Marshall Pease
Simultaneous Opposites - Carolyna Marks
Personal Identity in Dreams - Antonia Milo
Dialogue in Nature: Elemental Conversations - Gini DuPraw Anderson
Hatun Karpay: The Great Initiation - Terez Toneff
The Use of Mudras - Deborah Nasca; Auric Fields - Linda L. Stevens
Images Crystallize - ellenHelga Weiland
Sound in Community - Tina Clare
Behind the Looking Glass - Christopher Lantz
Shape Shifting: The Art of Transformation - Phillip Scott
Blessingway: A Pregnant Woman's Rite of Passage - Constance Miles
Marriage as a Form of Self-Healing - Joanne and Ron Mied
Teaching Through the Wisdom of the Heart - Anna Kato
The Serpent Speaks - Jan Ogren
The Influence of Ceremony and the Trance Posture Ritual - Elsa Etcheverry
The Use of Runes - Mirjana Gracan
Archetypal Roots of Western Mysticism - Alexander Friedkin
The Tapestry of my Life - Elizabeth Rothenberger
Fire in the Water - Howard Teich
The Role of Signs, Symbols, and Omens - Larissa Vilenskaya
Magical Plants - Shelley Thomson
Shamanism and Clinical Hypnosis: A Comparative Analysis - James Overton
Unconventional Hypnotherapy - Frances James
Healing Journey - Sandia Dungan Rising Star
Experimental Paradigmatics with Hydroparadigmectomy - Jim Durkin
Compassionate Witness: Serah Bat Asher - Beth Martinez
Closure - Ruth-Inge Heinze
List of Presenters and Transcription of all Discussions

September 5-7, 1998, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
249 pp. US $27.50
ISBN 0-945875-19-3, BL 2370.S55155 1998
The Tower of Babel - Ruth-Inge Heinze
The Cellular Communication Process and Alternative Modes of Healing - William C. Gough
Creation Myths and Theories - Rowena Pattee
Dancing Within the Sacred Circle: The Lakota Sun Dance - Phillip Scott
Grounding into Recovery - Barton Stone
Water Spirits of the Kariri-Xoco Indians of Brazil - Stanley Krippner and Christopher Ryan
Healing from Terminal Cancer: A 14-Year -Old Girl's Personal Eye-Witness Account - Liz Wu
Relationship As A Form of Self-Healing - Ron Mied
Nourishing Ourselves - Living as One with the Earth - Jan Ogren
Earth Healing: Some Spiritual Aspects - Marilyn I. Schmidt
The Synchronicities of the Mayan Calendar - Jo Coffey
Sacred Garments: Five Kabbalistic Robes - Meagan Wagner
Learning to Live in the Garden and Stay Awake - Elizabeth Cogburn
Entering Into a Mystical State - Robert Cogburn
Stories Around the Fire - Anne Kato
Mudras and the Earth Elements - Deborah Nasca
Energies Locked in Polarity Systems - Christopher Lantz
The Use of Sound (I-Ching Drumming) - Tina Clare
Fire and Ice - Marshall Pease
Making It Matter - Julien Puzey
Shamanistic Elements in Orthodox Medicine - Geoffrey P. Redmond
Ponqos: Imprinting the Earth with Energy Circles - Gini Anderson
The Rainbow Horse Dance - Paula Engelhorn
A Contemporary Search for the Divine: My Hermetic, Alchemical and Shamanistic Process in Australia - James M. Harvey
Shifting States of Consciousness in the Kundalini Process - Bonnie Greenwell
The Technology of Shamanism - Stephen Williamson
Trance and Ritual: Face Painting - Elsa Etcheverry
Dances for Peace - Constance Miles
Somatic Healing - Elaine Fellows
The Apprenticeship of a Healer: The Case of Judith Morris - Terex Toneff
The Great Mandala: Where Psychics Dwell -Lillian Rhinehart
Self-Realization - Mirjana Gracan
Harriet Hope and Susannah Malarkey
Thomas Merton's Solitude: Seeds of Compassion - Harriet Hope and Susannah Malarkey
From the World of Many to the World of One: Symbols and Their Lessons - Larissa Vilenskaya
Shamanic Plants II - Shelley Thomson
The Subtle Energy Technique of Brain Breathing - Daniel Sohn
A Butterfly Walk - Ann Leight
You're Not Old Until You Are Ninety - Rebecca Latimer
Spirited Aging - Beth Martinez
Closure - Ruth-Inge Heinze

September 4-6, 1999, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
289 pp. US $27.50
ISBN 0-945875-20-7
Ruth-Inge Heinze - Introduction and The Truth about Spirits
What Spirits? An Open-Minded Investigation and Exploration - Marilyn Schmidt
Talking with Spirits - Terez Toneff
Earth Mandala (Ecuador) - Vijali Hamilton
Discussion with Heinze, Schmidt, Toneff, and Vijali
What Science Can and Cant' Say About Spirits? - William C. Gough
Sophia's Body: Seeing Primal Patterns in Nature - Rowena Pattee Kryder
Discussion with Gough and Pattee Kryder
The Return of the Labyrinth - Betty Hutto
Labyrinths and Other Earth Symbols - Alexander B. Champion
Discussion with Champion and Hutto
A Butterfly Walk as a Spiritual Journey: Remembering Ann Leight - Bob Ekstrom
The Sacred Geometry of the Self (experiential) - Rowena Pattee Kryder
Avoiding the Pedestal: Teaching Shamanism; The Frog Story; How the Dragons Became Extinct - Jan Ogren
Birthing Postures (experiential) - Elsa Etcheverry
Discussion with Etcheverry, Pattee Kryder and Ogren
Travel in the Land of the Maya - Jo Coffey
Fire Ceremony (experiential) - Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj (Guatemalan shaman)
A Report from the House of Symphonies, 1999 - Christopher Lantz
Meeting a Channeled Light Being in a Kundalini Process: A Case Study - Bonnie Greenwell
Re-Emergence of Ancient Hawaiian Goddesses - Laura Kealoha Yardley
Dreams in Psychoanalytic Work: A Bridge to the Spirit World - Anne Kato
The Epic Tradition and the Sacred Paintings of the Huichol - Bruce Finson
A Shamanic Manifesto: The Principles of Indigenous Knowledge - Stanley Krippner
Mongolian Black, Yellow, and White Shamanism - David Kahn
Shaping a Sustainable Society: Earth Day Sunrise Ritual - Gini Anderson
Discussion with Anderson, Krippner, and Scott
The Use of Sound (experiential) - Tina Clare
My Journey Through Grief - Phillip Scott
Soul Tracking and Cellular Transformation - Fred Olsen
The Effect of Music on the Blood - Beverly Rubik
Discussion with Olsen, Rubik, and Scott
Accessing the Source (experiential) - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Traditional Guidelines for Making Use of a Spiritual Teacher - Joanne Mied
Disability as Anomaly: Cognitive Dissonance in Cultural Perspective - Anne Menne
Integrated Movement with the Elderly and Physically Challenged - Barbara Taggart
The Techniques of a Russian Healer - Richard B. Blasband
Discussion with Blasband, Menne, Mied, and Taggart
Multiple Intelligence Theory in Bangladesh - Elizabeth Zinck Rothenberger
Learning from Invisible Teachers: Communication with Nature and Nature Spirits - Larissa Vilenskaya
Transcending Death - Shelley Thomson
The Alphabet vs. the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image - Leonard Shlain
Discussion with Shlain, Vilenskaya, and Zinck Rothenberger
Magnetic North/True North: Geography Beyond Boundaries - Sister Susannah and Harriet Hope
Fire, Ice and Spirit - Marshall Pease
DNA Activation - Mirjana Gra_an
Healing Health Care - Bett Martinez
Discussion with Gracan and Martinez
Dances of Universal Peace (experiential) - Constance Miles
Closing Remarks - Ruth-Inge Heinze
List of Presenters


September 4-6, 2000, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
378 pp, US$27.50
ISBN 0-945875-21-5
Introduction - Ruth-Inge Heinze
The Synchronous Effect of Intentionality - Marilyn Schmidt
Three Little Words: Belief, Intent, and Sincerity - William C. Gough and Robert Shacklett
Landscapes of Time - Christopher Lantz
Discussion with William C. Gough, Ruth-Inge Heinze, Christopher Lantz, and Marilyn Schmidt
Sleep, Dying, and Transition from the Psychotronic Point of View - Richard A. Blasband
Keeping the Heart Open in Hell - Barton Stone
Cancer and the Truth: Beyond Survival - Julien Puzey
My Journey Through Grief - Phillip Scott
Discussion with Richard A. Blasband, Julien Puzey, Phillip Scott, and Barton Stone
Samit, Vanir and Giants: Traces of an Ancient Knowledge Trade of Indigenous Roots in the
European North - Juergen W. Kremer
Hawaiian Shamanism and Huna - Charlotte Berney
Walking in the Shadows (Mayan Cosmology) - Dawn Abel
Discussion with Dawn Abel, Charlotte Berney, and Juergen W. Kremer
Learning through Stories - Jan Ogren
The Image of Heaven - Marshall Pease
Caring for the Soul’s Passage In, Through, and Beyond This Life - Fred Olsen
Death, Birth, and the Space Between (experiential) - Lucy Lewis
Multidimensional Music (experiential) - Jacotte Chollet
Discussion with Jacotte Chollet, Lucy Lewis, Fred Olsen, and Marshall Pease
Taki Sami Healing (experiential) - Don Quimbo (Ecuadorian shaman)
Can we Combine Orthodox and Alternative Medicine - Geoffrey Redmond
Cellular Wisdom - Joan King
Healing Harmonics - Rowena Kryder
Discussion with King, Kryder, and Redmond
Sorrow and Loss as Gift and Teacher: Outside I.C.U. Waiting - Lillian Rhinehart
The Search for Meaning at a Loss - Myrtle Heery
Irmgard’s Journey - Deborah Ann Light
Discussion with Heery, Light, and Rhinehart
The Enduring Landscape of Ireland - Jo Coffey
The Huichol Project - Bruce Finson
Food in the Neolithic - Stanley Krippner and Christopher Ryan
Discussion with Coffey, Finson, and Krippner
Ways of Plants: Ritual Medicine, Food and Relations (experiential) - Elsa Etcheverry
How Reincarnation Really Works - Ralph Allison
Preparing to Dance with Death - Deborah Ann Light
The Story Tellers (experiential) - Sheryl Cotleur
Discussion with Allison, Cotleur, Etcheverry, and Light
The Journey of the Sacred Robes - Megan Wagner
Shamanic Performance - Juergen W. Kremer and Rebecca Beyman
The Rainbow Horse Dance - Paula Engelhorn
The Multidimensional Mind - Jean Millay
Sacred Land - How, When, Where, Why, and Who - Sheila Marr DeSpain
Discussion with DeSpain, Engelhorn, and Millay
Painting the Casket Black - Ann Menne
The Healing Power of Music - Marion Gough
Transformative Stories and Healing Music - Janet Bray
Discussion with Bray, Ekstrom, Gough, and Menne
The Council of Elders - David Kahn
Tuvan Shamanism (experiential) - Robert Amacker and Maria Volchenko
Ecuadorian Shamanism (experiential) - Matico Lema
Discussion with Robert Amacker, David Kahn, and Maria Volchenko
Closure - Ruth-Inge Heinze

Santa Sabina Center, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA

378 pp, US$27.50
ISBN 0-945875-22-3
Introduction - Ruth-Inge Heinze
What is Reality? A Discussion of Absolutes - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Soul and Intention - Myrtle Heery
Coherence, Resonance, and Us - William C. Gough
Partnership with the Spirits of the Land, Part I - Pat Dolan
New Paradigm, Part II - Mary Myers
Celebrating Relationships, Part III - Erica Swadley
Honoring the Four Directions: A Search for Meaning - Marilyn I. Schmidt
Where the Stories Come From - Jan Ogren
The Huichol Project: Young Arrow Man's Story of Wolf Shamanism -Bruce Finson
My Work with Peruvian Children - Ann Menne
Hmong Shamanism in the United States - Charles Numrich and Chu Yongyuan Wu
Walking the Labyrinth - Dawn Abel
Ecuadorian Shamanism (experiential) - Don Quimbo
Holographic Repatterning: An Integrative Process for Facilitating Self-Healing - Richard West
Mind into Matter: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit - Fred Alan Wolf
Flow, Alignment, and Connection (experiential) - Catherine Karas
Walking in the Shoes of a Palestinian: Peace Empowerment in the Face of Conflict
- Carolina Marks
Human Consciousness - Helmut Wautischer
Healing Outside of the Box - Julien Puzey
Spiral Sound Journey (experiential) - Akasa Tseng
The Global Art Project: Visions of Global Unity - Katherine Josten
Healing and Transformation Through Sound and Music - Una Nakamura
The Healing Effects of Music - Janet Bray
Archetype of Transformation: The Blue Hero (experiential) - Lucy Lewis
Wisdom from the Frog - The Language of Nature (Laura Faith) - Charlotte Berney
The Process of Aging: Gathering the Mind (experiential) - Bett Martinez
Singing for Prostate Cancer: A Sound Healer's Story - Carolyn North
The Brain and Alternative Reality (experiential) Elsa Etcheverry
Dancing Mandalas - Paula Engelhorn
Building Upon the Great Round of Mandalas - Lillian Rhinehart
Creativity and Cycles of Wholeness - Rowena Pattee Kryder
The Bipartite Mind: Functional Differences between the Essence and the Personality
- Ralph Allison
The Circle of Sex in Mythology, and Folklore - Stanley Krippner
Androgyns in Nordic Mythology - Rebecca Beyman and Juergen W. Kremer
The Storytellers - Sheryl Cotleur
Reflections on the Path of my Life - Phillip Scott
My Work in Peru - Madrina Denig
When Grass Grows on Asphalt: Urban Shaman Life - Maria Volchenko
The Art of Consciousness: Geometric Templates and Process of Life - Mali Burgess
Nurturing Conversation: The Recovery of the Indigenous Mind Process - J.W. Kremer, R. . Beyman, B. Lenahan, J. Whitmore, L. Sartor. and A. Wildmore
Closing Words - Ruth-Inge Heinze

Santa Sabina Center, Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, CA
293 pp, US$27.50
ISBN 0-945875-23-1
Introduction - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Domain of Unbounded Potential: The Science of the Absolute - William C. Gough
Geometric Templates and Processes of Life: The Architecture of Consciousness - Mali Burgess
Discussion with Mali Burgess, William C. Gough, and Ruth-Inge Heinze
The Caduceus and Emerald Tablet of Toth - Rowena Pattee Kryder
Hawaiian Shamanic Prayer - Charlotte Berney
Nurturing Our Inner Selves: A Huna Approach to Wholeness - Arlyn MacDonald
Discussion with Charlotte Berney, Rowena Pattee Kryder, and Arlyn MacDonald
The Role of Intentionality in my Work as Teacher/Educator - Anna Kato
Outsiders Insider - Anne Menne
Matching Intention With Attention - Myrtle Heery
Discussion with Myrtle Heery, Anna Kato, and Anne Menne
Obstacles on the Path - Jan Ogren
The Windhorse - Sheryl Cotleur
Healing from the Inside Out: Qi Gong (experiential) - Bett Martinez
Discussion with Sheryl Cotleur, Bett Martinez, and Jan Ogren
Scientific Analysis of the Aura - Beverly Rubik
Walking the Path of Cellular Wisdom - Joan King
Flow, Alignment and Connection (experiential) - Carolyn Karas
Discussion with Carolyn Karas, Joan King, and Beverly Rubik
The Diary of the Rainbow Horse Dance: 2001-2002 - Paula Engelhorn
Building the Great Round of Mandala, Part II: How the Manuscript Grew - Lillian Rhinehart
On the Pseuchoneuroimmunological Effects of T'ai Chi Chi on Adults (experiental) - Roberta Taggart
Discussion with Paula Engelhorn, Lillian Rhinehart, and Roberta Taggart
Healing through Sound and Movement (experiential) - Carolyn North
The Mystical Aspects of Jeanne d'Arc - Marcia Quinn Noren
Shamans and Shamanism: Points and Counterpoints - Stanley Krippner
The Huichol Project - Bruce Finson
Discussion with Bruce Finson and Maria Quinn Noren
In Contact with the Ancestors - Dawn Abel
Knowing Nothing That Is: Reflections on Innate Knowing and Indigenous Mind - Julien Puzey
Creative Unfolding Through Shamanism - Christine Bertea
Ultimate Healing - Judith Cornell
Discussion with Dawn Abel, Christina Bertea, Judith Cornell, and Julien Puzey
As Above so Below: Planetary Archetypes in Motion (experiential) Lucy Lewis
Channeling (experiential) - Jean Millay
Dream Space Between Life and Death - Marsha Volchenko
Discussion with Lucy Lewis, Jean Millay, and Marsha Volchenko
The Golden Harp (experiential) - Joel Andrews
Knowing the Healing - Marie Fulmer
My Spiritual Teachers: Faith, Hope, and Charity - Ralph B. Allison
Cycles in Time and the End of the World - Jo Coffey
Discussion with Ralph B. Allison, Jo Coffey, and Marie Fulmer
Sound Temple of One Heart (experiential) - Akasa Tseng
Healing Ritual (experiential) - Marilyn L. Karchevski-Schmidt
Animals as Spirit Communicators - Marystella Church
Spirit of the Crone - Jan Boddie
Discussion with Jan Boddie and Marystella Church
The Evolution of Shamanism - Gini Graham Scott
Trance and Healing in Bali - Joyce Hawkes
Shamanic Parapherenalia from the Buryat - David Kahn
Discussion with Joyce Hawkes, David Kahn, Stanley Krippner and Gini Graham Scott
Closing Remarks - Ruth-Inge Heinze
List of Presenters

Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, August 30 to September 1, 2003
$27.50    ISBN 0-945875-24-X

Introduction - Ruth-Inge Heinze
The Architecture of Space - Mali Burgess
Holding Tolerance and Activating Resilience - Myrtle Heery
A Brief Analysis of Different Belief Systems - Jean Millay
Discussion with Burgess, Heery, and Millay
Father Spirit, Mother Earth - Tom Roberts
The Wisdom of the Wikarika - Bruce Finson
The Legacy of the Gods - Dawn Abel
Discussion with Abel, Finson, and Roberts
Embodiment of the Spirit: Awakening the Inner Shaman Song (experiential)- Akasa Tseng
When Radiance Implodes - Trauma and Linguistic Gridlock - Ann Menne
Bear and the Place of Emergence - Sheryl Cotleur
Channeling the Goddess of Self Care (experiential) - Catherine Karas
Discussion with Cotleur, Karas, Menne, and Tseng
Bioenergetic Effects of Dayan Qi Gong on Chronically Ill Adults: Case Studies - Beverly Rubik
Aesthetic Phase Shift - Martha Senger
Discussion with Rubik and Senger
Wise Old Stories - Luisah Teish
The Great Round: An Artist's Journey - Lillian Rhinehart
Building a Self with Art - Kay Griffin
Creation Codes for Sacred Science and Healing - Rowena Kryder
Discussion with Griffin, Kryder, and Rhinehart
Jim Morrison - A Failed Shaman - Stanley Krippner
Healing with Auric Strings and Membranes - Cynthia Sue Larson
Rituals for Transitional Times - Ilene Serlin
Discussion with Krippner, Larson, and Serlin
Knowing Through the Senses: Moving Beyond Language (experiential) - Lucy Lewis
Bridging Soul to Cell - Joyce Hawkes
Earth Changes: Vibrations and Vortices - Marystella Church
Stones and Stargates - Jan Boddie
Guided Meditation (experiential) - Jan Boddie and Marystella Church
Discussion with Boddie, Church, Hawkes, and Lewis
My Work in South Africa - Carolina Marks
Studies with a Russian Healer - R.A. Blasband
Discussion with Blasband and Marks
Shamanic Music (experiential) - Edie Hartshorne
Taki Sami Healing (Ecuador, experiential) - Don Quimbo
Healing Rhythm - Marie Fulmer
Two Bay Area Spirit Stories - Jo Coffey
Adventures into Infinity - William C. Gough
Discussion with Coffey, Fulmer, and Gough
Shamanism and Remote Viewing - Marilyn L. Karcheski-Schmidt
Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Shamanism - Ann T. Kato
Spiritual Genealogy Research in Rome - Ralph B. Allison and Norio Sanjoh
Discussion with Allison, Kato, Sanjoh, and Karcheski-Schmidt
Lakota Chant (experiential) - Phillip Scott
Jeanne d'Arc and the Exiled Shechinah - Marcia Quinn Noren
Nature & Function of Different States of Consciousness (experiential) - Ruth-Inge Heinze
Discussion with Heinze, Noren, and Scott
Integration and Networking - Ruth-Inge Heinze

Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, September 4-6, 2004,
$27.50 pp.276, ISBN 0-945875-5-8

Introduction - Ruth-Inge Heinze
The Architecture of Space Research - Mali Burgess
Women's Circles - Elizabeth Zinck-Rothenberger
Toward Shamanism" A Path and a Puzzle - Anna Kato
Discussion with Burgess, Kato, and Zinck-Rothenberger
My Work with the Filipino Espiritistas - Scott Taubold
Psi and Entheogens - Jean Millay
Purification Through Transformation: An Unexpected Journey To and From, a Sweat Lodge - Tom Roberts
Vortex Vibrations and Energy Grids - Marystella Chirch
Vortex Journeys - Jan Boddie
A Journey with the Spirit Beings - Sheiryl Cotleur
Three Words, Three Cultures, One Experience - Bett Martinez
Discussion with Boddie, Church, Cotleur and Martinez
Sacred Time in Celtic Spirituality - Jo Coffey
When Worlds Collide: How Parallel Realities Can Heal Interpersonal Relationships - Caroline Sue Larson and Anne Menne
Discussion with Coffey, Larson, and Menne
Notes on Conversations with Zorigtbaatar Banzar - William C. Gough, Richard Hiersch, Cynthia Sue Larson, and Bett Martinez
Additional Comments on Zorigtbaataar Banzar - William C. Gough
Additional Notes on Zorigtbaatar Banzar - Jan Boddie and Marystella Church
Contact with the Other Side - Jane Hawes
Hope: The Endless Immensity - Julien Puzey
Visualizations of the Co-Creation Code - Rowena Pattee Kryder
Discussion with Hawes, Kryder, and Puzey
The Indigenous Healing Tradition in Calabria, Italy - Stanley Krippner with Adwin Budden, Michael Bova, and Roberto Galente
The Role of Shamans in Rural Japan - Norio Sanjoh
Discussion with Bova, Budden. and Sanjoh
Jungle Medicine - Connie Grauds
The Concept of Authority in Health-Care Decisions - Helmut Wautischer
Discussion with Grauds and Wautischer
The Journey Continues:The Inner Process - William C. Gough and Tiffany Schneider
Hayewwatha Speaks - Andree Morgana
Possessing Entities I have Met - Ralph H. Allison
Moving with the Gods (experiential)- Dawn Abel
Discussion wish Abel, Allison, Gough, and Morgana
The Tao of Form - Martha Senger
The Transformative Power of Masks- Maxine Freed
The Ten Cosmological Powers of Love: A Shamanic Sound Experiences (experiential) - Akasa Tseng
The Raven (experiential) - Lucy Lewis
Discussion with Freed, Lewis, Senger, and Tseng
The Three Lessons of Loss: Healing from Grief in Body, Soul, and Spirit - Rondi Lightmark
Shamanic Practice and Cultural Healing - Juergen Kremer
Unexplained Healing Phenomena, Associated with Sacred Icons - Marilyn I. Karcheski-Schmidt
Special Immunity and Functioning of Health in Older Adults - Roberta Taggart
Discussion with Kremer, Lightmark, Schmidt, Taggart, and Tseng
Address List of Presenters