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Alberto Guttierez Bessudo Alberto Gutierrez Bessudo
World artist living in Bogota, Columbia.
Soul of the World Soul of the World
Worldwide sculptural project by Spanish artist Rafael Trenor. Website in English and Spanish.

Sheila SondikSheila Sondik
Mixed-media paintings bringing together Eastern and Western philosophies and techniques.
Kim ThomanKim Thoman
Painting, pastel, monoprints and digital art.

Myong Stebbins
Myong Stebbins
Bay Area abstract artist.
Ruth Boerefijn
Ruth Boerefijn
Installation artist.

Diane Abt
Diane Abt
Calligraphy, ink drawing and mixed media.
Alice Beasley Alice Beasley
Art quilts, portraits and still lifes.

Lori B. Goodman

Lori B. Goodman
Mixed media art and installations.
Lisa Toby Lisa Toby
Bay area artist and photographer.

Joseph Slusky Joseph Slusky
Metal sculptures and drawings with roots in the cubist, constructivist and surrealist movements.
Katie Hawkinson
Katie Hawkinson
Egg tempera paintings on hardwood, oil paintings and works on paper.

Robin Cowley Robin Cowley
Art quilts -- contemporary textile wall pieces and forms.
Ervin Somogyi: Luthier Ervin Somogyi: Luthier
World famous guitar maker and artist works with carved and inlaid wood.

Tim Goodman Tim Goodman
Stunning large format black and white photographs of the desert, coast and mountains.

Sylvia Sussman

Sylvia Sussman
The artist works the horizon, the sky, the weather, the earth, the water, and light manifested in atmosphere.

Marianne Kolb
Marianne Kolb
Figurative painter.
Tom SchultzTom Schultz
Abstract art from a working class perspective.

Io Bonini Io Bonini
Paintings, graphic design, interior and exterior treatments, merchanding ... for a start.
Tara Buzash and Steve Buzash
Tara & Steve Buzash
Innovative jazz pianist and artist -- double website

Linda Svendsen Linda Svendsen Photography
Extraordinary commercial, architectural, travel and art photography.
Art Abloom
Art gallery and studio offering art classes, San Rafael, CA.

Michael Grbich Michael Grbich
Innovative multi-media artist mixes metal, wood, plastic and found objects into his work.
Matias Longoria
Matias Longoria
Florida artist working with narrative oils, etchings, monotypes and collage.

Sandi Adams
Sandi Adams
Watercolors and mixed media. Travel, time and abstract images.
Robert Simons
Robert Simons
Bay area mixed media artist. Themes of bearing witness, conflagration, loss, and memory.

Gwen Magee Gwen Magee
Narrative and abstract textile artist with a powerful message.
Ayris Hatton Ayris Hatton
Still lifes, landscapes, portraits and genre paintings in oil and watercolor.

Howard Klepper Guitars
Howard Klepper Guitars
Unique, one-of-a-kind custom instruments.
William Rosen
William Rosen
Hybrid artwork, part painting -- part sculpture.

OrlondaOrlonda Uffre
Oakland based artist explores various powerful themes.
Fashion art prints in custom colors by Karen Andrews

Carol Brighton
Carol Brighton
Monotypes and paintings on handmade paper.
Lois Cantor
Lois Cantor
Paintings and greeting cards with cat and jazz themes.

Lydia Nakashima Degarrod
Lydia Nakashima Degarrod
Visual artist and cultural anthropologist from Chile.
Hannah Sarvasy
Hannah Sarvasy
Illustrations, narrative and political comics, and murals.

R. J. NewhallR. J. Newhall
Studio furniture, sculpture and paintings.
Paul Bloch Paul Bloch
The sculptures of Paul Bloch, carved from the mountains of his adopted home in Carrara, Italy.

Naoko Haruta
Naoko Haruta
Large, bold abstract acrylic paintings on canvas.
    Herpic Performances Herpic Performances
Thought-provoking choreographic works that reflect on the human condition.

Barbara BlochBarbara Bloch
Acrylic paintings are a natural extension of her weavings.
Judy Seidel Judy Seidel
The art of transformation, utilizing acrylics, polaroid transfer, pastel and other media.

Through The Garden Wall
Through The Garden Wall
Stone mosaic murals of colored slate and custom inlaid tables of by Fran Segal.
Lea Lyon, Watercolors
Lea Lyon
Children's book illustrations and portraits in watercolor.

Chi GalleryChi Gallery
Fine art consulting and art gallery assisting corporations and individuals.
Global Arts Global Arts
Representing artists from Eastern Europe.

Plumagery Plumagery
Astonishing feather art and
virtual rugs.
Randy ElliottRandy Elliott
Illustrations and cartoons for web design, animation, books and promotion.

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